Waimea Town Market Events & News


    Hawaii Performing Arts Festival mini concert July 12, 2014

    The young strings group from the Hawaii Performing Arts Festival performs at the market July 12, 2014

    Aiden Wharton performs at the market in HPAF's mini concert, July 12, 2014


    Independence Day celebration - July 5, 2013

    Watermelon eating contest at the market's Independence Day celebration, July 5, 2013


    Chinese New Year - February 1, 2014

    February 1, 2014. Chinese New Year – the lion dances at the market, and brings good fortune to all.



    Halloween Party Photos

    Waimea Town Market at Parker School held its fifth annual Halloween Party on Saturday, October 26. The event included both the Halloween Hounds Costume Parade and the Vendor Booth Decoration Contest.
    Wilson, a Shar-Treiver, resplendent in a home-made Happy Face Spider costume, took grand prize honors in the Canine Costume Contest.  However, he had stiff competition from Franklin (a Mexican-themed costume), Cedar (a paniolo girl), Sparty (a rodeo bull with rider up), and Noa (an enchilada).  Mahalo to all the dogs who entered, and all the owner for their time and effort!!
    [If anyone took a good picture of Wilson, please send a copy to Paul for use on this site.  Mahalo!]
    Poppas Orchids took the vendor competition, hands down.  With a painted canopy and the whole family in elaborate circus-performer costumes they stole the show and walked away with the grand prize ribbon and prize money.  Sandwich Isle Bread also did a great job with a parody of the cartoon Minions, in their case more aptly called Dough-Minions.  A number of other vendors did well in various judging categories.  Congratulations to all ribbon winners, and thanks to all for putting on such a great show!
    Future events:
    • HPA Handbell Choir - December 7
    • A Gathering of Artists -  December 14
    • Waimea Consort - December 14




    Fifth Annual Halloween Hounds Costume Parade on Oct. 26

    On Saturday, October 26, the Waimea Town Market at Parker School will host its Fifth Annual Halloween Hounds Costume Parade.  This hilarious event features pooches of all sizes and shapes dressed up in seasonal finery; this is definitely one of those zany, not-to-be-missed Waimea happenings. 

    Prize ribbons will be awarded in multiple categories including funniest, cutest, scariest, and judges’ choice.  In addition, all canine contestants will receive a gift of Kalakoa Kookies dog treats for their good natured participation. 

    Registration is at 9:30 a.m. with the Parade at 10:00 a.m. 

    Market vendors will join in the seasonal fun as they compete for ribbons for booth decorations.  For more information on these events call Paul Johnston, 938-4540.