Project Description

Indigo Blue Hawaii offers home goods and clothing that have been hand dyed in a natural vat of Indigo. We use a method called, Shibori; a Japanese technique using resist and binding to create patterns and designs on fabric. We also have a limited edition of original necklaces which feature semi precious stones, shells, vintage findings and gold, silver, bronze and copper.

My interest in Indigo began with weekend courses and workshops. I moved to Olympia, Washington in 1987 and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts. My passion was art but my professional living was to help others as a marketing strategist for non profit organizations. .

A return home to Hawaii in 1994 led me to learn Sumi-e painting with American Zen Master, Paul Reps. All the while, I held a belief and a mission to live simply: to embrace the philosophy that best served me over a lifetime and to create art that others could afford and would serve a dual purpose. Today, I have returned to Hawaii to pursue my passion with Indigo Blue Hawaii.

Working in the medium of fiber taps into all of my senses: its tactile, it’s visually stimulating, and it is three-dimensional. Doing this ancient Japanese art form offers serendipity: the end result has an element of surprise.

Magic happens as you begin with a white surface only to then manipulate: either hand paint, then iron pleats, fold, bind and then hand dip into a green vat of indigo, then expose the fabric to air which oxygenizes the fabric and turns it from green to blue.

The ultimate thrill is when we reveal the different patterns and designs as we unwrap the items from the dye vat.

Vendor: Helen Nahoopii

Phone: (808) 937-1705
Website: Indigo Blue Hawaii