Authentic raclette cheese!

After extensive travels in Europe, South East Asia, and India, I came back to the first place I fell in love with after I left home in San Francisco. A traveler at heart, I wanted to be able to bring back and share a part food culture that was unique and a novelty. Sharing good food has it’s own way of bringing people together. Who doesn’t love melted, gourmet cheese on potatoes?! 

When we were brainstorming about what we could serve at the local markets, I relayed my story of how I first saw raclette at the Borough Market in London. The aroma of the melting cheese wafting down the stalls was incredible! After watching some videos–and whetting our appetites!–my partner was the first to sense the potential and immediately began researching raclette machines. We’ve tried it on hamburgers, steak, enchiladas, nachos–you name it. Now it’s our turn to bring it to you!

Vendor: Elyse Cummins & Cody Lumin

Phone: (808) 796-0440
Email: [email protected]
Website: Cheese Please!