Project Description

Tea Hawaii & Company is one of Hawaii’s premiere tea farms.

Founders are ceramic artist and tea grower Chiu Leong with arts advocate and tea grower Eva Lee. Leong and Lee productions in tea and ceramics are headquartered in Volcano Village located in East Hawaii.

Their award winning Camellia sinensis teas are recipients of the TOTUS – Tea Of The United States Awards. They showcase 100% Hawaii grown White, Green, Oolong and Black from 900’ to 4000’ elevations featuring a spectrum of specialty crop teas.

Tea Hawaii & Company also process tea used by various manufactures into numerous value-added products for businesses globally.

The ceramic porcelain cups, bowls and vessels accompany multiple functions and aesthetics for tea and culinary for all to experience. Leong’s one of kind ceramics is in the Art In Public Places Program of the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts and collectors worldwide.

For those interested in learning the science in tea or stroll through a rare tea forest on the summit of Kilauea, visitors are welcome to tour the farm and studio by reservation Hawaii has established itself as a tea producing state. Our unique terroir is ideal for growing tea for generations to come.

We are proud to say we are more than just a simple cup of tea. Infusing the art in agriculture, artists growing tea.

A tea culture community!

Vendor: Eva Lee & Chiu Long

Phone: (808) 967-7637