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Where is the Waimea Town Market located?2021-03-31T19:53:28-10:00

The Waimea Town Market is located in the heart of Waimea (also called Kamuela), on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Market is held on the Parker School campus at 65-1224 Lindsey Road, across the road from the park, and is in easy walking distance from most points in Waimea’s commercial center. Find us on the map.

Where can I park?2021-03-31T19:53:28-10:00

Parking is available on the Parker School grounds, on Lindsey Road (across from the school, by the park) and on Kapiolani Street (the first street north of the school). In deference to the school’s neighbors, please do not park on Pu’uki Street, behind the School. Vehicle entry to the Market from Pu’uki Street is limited to market vendors and those with special needs, with prior permission from the Market Manager.

What are the Market hours?2021-03-31T19:53:28-10:00

The Market is open year-round on Saturday mornings, from 7:30 until noon in virtually all weather. Some vendors may stay open a bit longer if visitors remain. If needed, emergency and other announcements will be made on our Facebook page.

Are the products at the Waimea Town Market produced in Hawaii?2021-03-31T19:53:28-10:00

The Market requires, with very few exceptions, that all products must be grown, made, or otherwise produced on the Big Island.

Do you accept checks or credit cards?2021-03-31T19:53:28-10:00

There is not a Market-wide answer to this question. Local checks are accepted by many vendors while out-of-state checks are accepted by a few. Some vendors accept credit cards.

Do you accept EBT?2021-03-31T19:53:28-10:00

The Market organizers are working on a plan to accept EBT, but at the current time we are not able to accept this form of payment.

Do you have restrooms?2021-03-31T19:53:28-10:00


May I bring my dog to the Market?2021-03-31T19:53:28-10:00
The Market is dog friendly, as long as your dog is friendly. If your best friend gets along well with others, feel free to bring him or her. However, please keep your pet on a leash at all times and be prepared to pick up in the event of…well, you know…
Mahalo for your cooperation!
May I smoke at the Market?2021-03-31T19:53:28-10:00

Parker School does not permit any smoking on campus at any time. Therefore, smoking (tobacco, e-cigarettes, and anything else) is not allowed at the Market. Mahalo for helping Parker keep the grounds smoke-free!

How are Market food vendors regulated?2021-03-31T19:53:28-10:00

Food vendors are required to follow the rules of the Hawaii State Department of Health as they pertain to food preparation. They are also required to provide Market management with current copies of their Health Department permits. Many food vendors display these permits in their booths, but the Health Department does not required them to do so.

May I pass out promotional flyers or other materials at the Market?2021-03-31T19:53:27-10:00

At the request of both vendors and visitors, distribution of flyers, or any other materials, is strictly prohibited. For the same reason, solicitation of any kind is prohibited. While we are open to the public, the Market is a private enterprise on private property, and in that regard is similar to a store or other place of business. We ask that you respect that, and allow our visitors and vendors to participate in the market experience without undesired interruptions.

My organization would like to do a promotion at the Market. Can we get a booth for that purpose?2021-03-31T19:53:27-10:00

The Market offers opportunity for certain community-wide, nonprofit and similar organizations to set up a temporary booth to promote their activities. When such space is offered, it is usually for one Market (Saturday) only, and is free to the organization. However, fundraising is generally not permitted. Organizations admitted to set up a promotional booth must follow Market rules, including those pertaining to liability insurance and out-of-booth solicitations. If your organization is interested in a booth, please fill out and submit the vendor application form and the Market Manager will get back to you once a decision has been made.

Does the Market have a “Lost and Found”?2021-03-31T19:53:27-10:00

Found items may be turned in to the Market Manager, who will generally hold them for several months. Our trove of found items is occasionally purged of items of lesser value, as storage space availability is limited.

Do market food vendors provide have choices for those who are vegan, gluten-free, etc?2021-03-31T19:53:27-10:00

A number of market vendors offer food choices for those on restricted diets, including vegan and gluten-free options.

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