I have been a vendor at the Parker School Waimea Farmer Market for many years now and have created exquisite wood products for many of the market’s patrons from cutting boards to large entertainment consoles. Please stop by my booth at the far east end of the market next to the Orchid Booth. I have a large portfolio of tables, mirrors, trays, lazy susans, and much much more to show you. I’m also an avocado farmer and have avocados available in my booth in season.

If interested, here is my web site: The name of my business is “Baron von App Wood Art” My contact information is [email protected] and phone 808-987-4846. It is best to talk about your project with me in person either by phone or at my booth on Saturdays.

John App aka “The Baron”

Vendor: John App

Phone: (808) 987-4846
Email: [email protected]
Website: Baron von App Wood Art