All of my handmade textiles are original designs, starting with drawings and patterns I’ve created, making each piece unique and one of a kind. I prefer to hand print natural or reclaimed fibers, making them eco friendly. The themes I’m drawn to revolve around the ocean, plants, animals, and places that are on the Islands of Hawaii.

I have had an affinity for textiles since I was a kid. As a child I loved the colors and patterns of the natural dyed tapestry cloths my mom would let me use to build forts. I started with screen printing t shirts in my twenties for friends bands while living in Seattle. From there I evolved, learned block printing, how to dye with natural materials, knitting, needlework and now I am joining my custom textiles with sewing.

My latest project inspired by my love of the ocean and joy of surfing is making individualized board bags from reclaimed Sunbrella, locally sourced. It is important to me to have minimal impact on our environment, while at the same time creating long lasting, and multifunctional products. Drawing from my experience I continue to find joy in creating exclusive well made and useable art.

Phone: 808-896-9967
Instagram: @seabirdjones