Island delicacies that are a must see and a must taste!

Stop by this one of a kind Farmers Market booth and indulge in what has been described as a “Dollop of Divinity”. Included in this booth is an array of Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet Chocolate flavored by several different small, natural farmers around the island. Versatile with temperature, enjoy as a spread at room temperature, a hard bar when chilled or a liquid chocolate drizzle when slightly warmed. Perfect to cover island grown fruit, ice cream and sorbet! Samples are available in all flavors which include a Hint of Coconut, Kona Coffee, Green Tea Matcha, Hawaiian Turmeric and Wild Hawaiian Vanilla. Chocolate is considered raw, vegan, free of white sugar, emulsifiers and preservatives, made with organic, fair trade ingredients…. and taste absolutely divine!

Meet the pollinator, hear the process and enjoy a sample of our very own Wild Grown Hawaiian Vanilla! The vanilla is available in extract and bean form.

What this booth is known for: Freshly harvested Hawaiian Turmeric grown in gardens utilizing the highest standards while providing the ability to meet the grower. Certified Naturally Grown Turmeric is available in various forms intended to be consumed daily as a way to receive the amazing preventative health benefits that turmeric is known to contain. Products were originally designed for the growers family to take to reduce the use of anti-inflammatories, these products are continually receiving positive testimonials week after week.

Have the opportunity to meet the grower of the vanilla and turmeric, ask questions and converse about the differences in products, freshness and quality.

A true market experience. See you there!  Jesse and Laura

This is the very best chocolate I have ever tasted.” – most common response when a guest tries a sample.

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Vendor: Jesse Fujimoto & Laura Rieber

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (808) 214-2255
Website: Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet