I create glass works of art in the form of platters, plates, dishes, sun catchers, wind chimes, and large panels using the technique of fused glass. Glass fusing is entirely different than blown glass in that I don’t work with it in it’s hot melted form but instead I cut it from sheets of glass of all different colors and place the pieces of glass together in a kiln and let the kiln do the melting. Using molds I can create glass in different shapes. I use the best glass which I ship to Hawaii from Portland Oregon from Bullseye Glass by the crate. Bullseye is the premier glass supplier for fusing and has the best quality glass. The colors are vibrant and sparkle in the light.

I make a wide range of products ranging from $12 pendants to $900 custom glass framed windows and up. My kiln has the capacity to do panels just under 6’ by 3’ and I specialize in large works for custom homes from glass panels installed in shower walls to backsplashes and entryway window panels.

I grew up in an artistic family, oil painting and drawing my whole life. My mom taught me the technique of fused glass which I have been doing for 5 years. I have been living in Hawaii for over 20 years and my work is inspired by the islands. I do a lot of glass waves and ocean inspired themes, hula dancers, and flowers.

At the Market I have a large selection of fused glass pieces. Come visit me to see a sample of my work, find a gift, or order a custom piece for your home.

Vendor: Kendra Schneider

Phone: (808) 226-6246
Email: [email protected]
Website: Kendra Schneider Glass