Shelley Hoist is an award winning, natural fiber artist who sees the beauty in the discarded. She sculpts Hawaii’s natural palm fibers into unique home decor (vessels, wall sculptures, basketry) and personal accessories (purses, earrings, necklaces). Her work is created with the intention to hold the memories of one’s island experience, strengthen one’s connection to the earth (aina) and nurture our spirit (mana). Her creations are literally a piece of the island and hold the energy and warmth of this special place.

It all starts with a fallen palm leaf base that holds unique color markings and textures, and she is willing to ask it what else it wants to be. Often her pieces hold messages that seem to come through the creation process. Working in her studio in South Kona, she harvests the raw materials, and soaks them in water long enough to allow malleability. Then the artist and the material begin a type of dance. After sculpting them into their new shape, she hand stitches them and the dance continues as they begin to dry and contract, changing shape again. Shelley often paints on the dried sculptures with paper, using hand made stamps and hand scripted messages. The pieces are always completed with a durable, archival finish.

Shelley is also available for custom pieces and larger installations.

Vendor: Shelley Hoist, Fine Fiber Art

Phone: (808) 937-1774
Email: [email protected]