I am Amanda Richards, the owner of Paper Crane Soaps. I’m a fully licensed esthetician with 10 years experience in skin care. My entire family including my mother and in-laws made the move to our beautiful Islands in 2016. We are truly ohana.

Before moving to the Islands, I was co-owner of a spa in Arizona, specializing in the care of skin challenged by exposure to the sun. Since my early teens, I’ve had an interest in how skin reacts to the environment and what we can do to make it feel and look its very best. I began developing my proprietary formulas for soaps and lotions based on my client’s needs. I learned what worked best and perfected the recipes.

I launched Paper Crane Soaps shortly after we arrived in Kailua Kona. I wanted to use my extensive experience in making bath and body care products as well as my esthetician training to focus on a soap making business. It has been one amazing experience after another. Growing, harvesting, and working with other farms to create products and packaging that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, good for our customers has been a wonderful journey. Our soaps, shampoo bars, conditioners and perfumes smell marvelous, too!

I use locally sourced fruit & veggie purees, sandalwood, clays, salts, hydrosols, dried botanicals, aloe, nut milks, goat milk and so much more. Our Islands grow an incredible range of beautiful vegetation. I am incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love, do good and be a part of this amazing Island community.


Email: [email protected]